Caravan Privacy Screens and Rooms

Have you ever wished you had more privacy and space on your adventures? Or thought that the only way to make the experience even better would be having a shady spot from which to enjoy it? If the answer is yes, you sound like the kind of camper who would benefit from Camec caravan privacy screens or annexes.

Not to be used interchangeably, caravan awning privacy screens and privacy rooms are not the same. Caravan screens attach to the long side of your awning and pull down at an angle to provide additional shading, whilst rooms attach on all three open sides of the awning and pull straight down to create an enclosed space (complete with its own doorway).

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Why should you buy Privacy Screens & Rooms with us?

Suits all types of awning

Both our Camec privacy screens and Fiamma privacy rooms will fit all types of awning; we have a variety of sizes available, including options for the end of your van (caravan sun shade only). The front of the awning features a track, which you can load the main panel into; the track will lock the screen into place.

Easy to set up and pack up

Once the camping privacy screen has been locked into the awning track, all you need to do is secure them to the ground using ropes and pegs (not included). In the case of a privacy room, the ends attach to the front using heavy duty Velcro to ensure that there aren’t any gaps.

Extend your usable living space

One of the main reasons to add caravan shade screens and rooms is to increase how much protected space you have. Whether you have a horde of people sleeping in the van and need somewhere else to eat or whether you want somewhere shady to enjoy the breeze, this is the answer.

Inclusion of windows and doors

Our privacy rooms feature a door in the front panel and windows in each of the three panels. All openings feature mosquito netting to help keep these pesky bugs out of your space, and the windows also feature in-built curtains so that you can enjoy your privacy when desired.

FAQs about Privacy Screens & Rooms

If pegs and ropes are not supplied, can I get them through Camec?

Yes, we also supply the pegs and cords needed to set up our RV privacy screens. They come in packs of 5 so that you have a spare in case one goes missing. Our rooms come with everything you need to set them up correctly.

Areas We Service

Camec is proud to offer Australia’s largest range of caravan privacy screens and rooms to all regions across the country, including: Melbourne. Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin. If you’re looking for something particular and you’re not sure if we service your area, get in touch with our friendly team today.